Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Scooter Day

10th November 2015


This term we have been working with the charity Sustrans to encourage the children to look at healthy alternatives to the school run.  The older children have been studying the history of the bicycle and later in the year they will have cycling on the road training, while the Y1-4 children have been taught Scooter Skills.  The children just loved bringing their scooter to school and we would encourage walking, cycling or scootering to school as an alternative to driving.

On Tuesday 24 November 2015 we have a Ditch the Dark: Walk to School Day, when we will be encouraging parents to look at alternative and healthier ways to travel to school.  The event will also focus on wearing appropriate clothing when out walking at this time of the year.  Many of our parents need to use the car for the school run because of the distance they live from school but perhaps you would consider a hybrid journey – the first part in the car but then walk the final journey to school.

 More details on Ditch the Dark will follow.

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