Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Rocking the Robot Models in Primary 7

10th November 2021


As part of our ‘Dream Machines’ topic, P7 designed and created robots using recycled materials.

Each robot has special skills and capabilities and possesses particular powers! The children named their creations and wrote about all their impressive abilities, how the robots work and they reflected on the great imagination and terrific teamwork which allowed for such wonderful finished products.

Enjoy the pictures.

Img E1535
Img E1534
Img E1533
Img E1532
Img E1525
Img E1511
Img E1506
Img E1503
Img E1464
Img 1532
Img 1531
Img 1530
Img 1528
Img 1525
Img 1521
Img 1520
Img 1516
Img 1515
Img 1512
Img 1501
Img 1496
Img 1495
Img 1493
Img 1490
Img 1489
Img 1487
Img 1486
Img 1484
Img 1482
Img 1481
Img 1469
Img 1468
Img 1467
Img 1466
Img 1465
Img 1464

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