Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

Don's Retirement

28th October 2022


After 27 years working as Building Supervisor in St Brigid’s PS, Don has decided that the time has come to retire. Don will officially finish on 31st October 2022. Don is immensely popular with everyone in the school especially the children. Nothing is ever too much for Don and more often than not he goes above and beyond the job description to make things easier for everyone. Throughout the years he has looked after the school and kept the building in such amazing condition. The school environment is always clean, warm and safe for the children and everyone who works here. It would be impossible to list all the roles that Don plays in our school and we are extremely grateful for everything he has done over 27 years of dedication to St Brigid’s. Don will be missed by everyone and to mark the special occasion we had a wonderful assembly on Wednesday 26 October to celebrate everything about Don’s years of service to St Brigid’s. The special tribute started with lovely prayers of thanksgiving for Don and our school. The children in every class participated in showcasing all their wonderful talents to say thank you and farewell to Don. Don was joined by his wife Kathleen, children Damien and Imelda and Damien’s wife Andrea to share in our appreciation for everything he has done down through the years. We wish Don many years of happiness and good health in his retirement. We know Don won’t be a stranger as he will have very important grandfather duties to perform for Cormac and Henry.

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