Mary Queen of Peace Primary School, Glenravel

'BIG' Business Day 2022

10th June 2022


Each year the Y7 children in St. Brigid’s Primary school are encouraged to involve themselves in a business inspired project. They are required to think about products, market research, improvement and modification of their product, accounts and managing finances, profit margins, advertisement and presentation.

This year’s business enterprise was to create a mini business and set up a stall to sell a product in order to make a profit. Many of the groups have generated their own sponsorship to cover costs of the project including advertising and production or have written to the principal to apply for a loan which will be repaid from profits made.

The children also created video advertisements to present to the school, as well as posters, to promote their business, giving all the children in school an opportunity to view the products on sale.

The ‘Business Day’ has been a very successful, enterprising and fun day for all!

Thank you to all our sponsors:



M.O’Boyle Decorations


Burnett HR

Barny Kelly

AS Scaffolding

Finvoy Small Engines Service&Repairs

JS Dunlop Building Contractor

Beauty Within

Area Tiling

Justin Hanna Flooring

Ballyvoy Camping Barn

Colm Design Security Systems

Harmony & Co

P Keenan Quarries

Creagh Concrete


Hastings Solicitors

Astute Financial Ltd

Wallace Homes


all our wonderful parents who sponsored and supported our amazing P7 children this year in their mini business venture.

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